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It's Not Nothin'


  • Vinyl LP (Black)
    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Limited black vinyl LP housed in a 350gsm reverse board printed outer sleeve with insert.

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    Includes unlimited streaming of It's Not Nothin' via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    Sold Out

Opener 04:41
Heard the world's this big big place but I spend all of my time playing guitar nodding my head staring at the floor pushin' the red. And I'm good n ripped fingers move strings vibrate all possibilities alive never feels too late. I close my eyes let it wash over me now, world starts moving to a beat, this is mine yeah I am free, only place i can ever see me stickin around. Come on and gimme the volume, gimme the sound, every single inch, my body, my mind, my soul, there's no one else around. And it's live tonight empty room no daylight human smell not sold out it never is 'cept I don't care, yer know that this could be nothing but this is not nothing, not nothing never was, I think I exist to be doing this, I think I exist to be doing this. And I close my eyes let it wash over me, world still moving to a beat, this is mine yeah I am free, this is where I wanna be, all of the evil in this town, of yourself and of those around, better stand up be unafraid, don't let it be a daydream. Everything eases down now to slow motion to steady hum no expectations no distractions no disbelief just empty rooms to be filled with sound pressed grooves to be spun around I'm sweating shouting wired channelling full and long held back sensation the songs energy volume surround the ride movement motion sound electricity tonight's the night and now's the time and all you need to know is there's no rules no-one can tell you what to do or how to feel who to be for one second you believe and yer capture it yer feel it in the context the moment good n ripped you can take it all right now yer can take it all
Transcranial 02:17
Clouds are forming ahead The path fades to black Can't see the woods for the trees Will I find any way back? Take me with You they say Don't you go By yourself again Turn my back Don't need them What a fool I am Start to regret Into the wild now Trying to watch my step Trip and stumble on the overgrowth I’m crying out for help Run to the clearing Panic fully set Lose my footing on the river bank The current pulls me in Ride this calm Follow the stream Cool breeze on skin Lie back and breathe Night sky above Lost in that space Stars my destination now All else out of reach I'm hurtling up now Left my body behind Bathed in burning ozone And ultraviolent light Race through this cosmos My fate is sealed Now I realise I’ll never see them again It's my end of days Don't want the praise Keep your eulogies This dance with death Abandonment Will it grant me peace? Was this a mistake? Well it's too late Am I sorry friend?
Turn It Off 02:47
Hear yer talk yer talk nah but I don't listen to it Useless words pissing right out of yer mouth Is just pollution made just a waste just forget about it Future promises unreal world inner slump yeah c’mon Turn it off I can't turn it off My mind too burned my thoughts stick like glue Got a bad attitude know I'm no fun I keep losing I keep going wrong I don't want tomorrow I don't need it Turn it off Live in a trance a trance am fading in am fading out n thru it I won’t break the spell can't start clean over again I walk alone looking down watch my feet make sense of nothing Future promises linger on linger yeah c’mon
Sloucher 02:18
Why should I be happy with everything I’ve got? Why must I spend my energy on trying to change the tide? Staring at the screen Mad at what I read Shouting at the obscene No doubting what I believe Quick to close off my open mind Too arrogant to see things from the other side So sure to judge as if I know what’s best In reality I’m as clueless as the rest When will I put things into action, instead of this inaction, or am I full of shit? Can I really tolerate the intolerant, and can they do the same? Practice what I say Start by looking deep If I want to see a difference I’d better start with me Quick to close off my open mind Too arrogant to see things from the other side So sure to judge as if I know what’s best In reality I’m as clueless as the rest
6 in the morning, on my way to work, dirty and tired as I reach the building site My skull is electric, my body is feeling the strain, carrying a mountain of bricks I feel the pain I got the workin’ man’s blues Drinking a beer on my lunchbreak, my body still feeling the strain Can’t shake this hangover, comes back again and again I got the workin’ man’s blues Day after day, same old shit, decades to the finishing line So sick n fuckin’ tired of it I got the workin’ man’s blues
More of the same Why do you keep on playing this game? Another bust You’re on the floor, you’re on your arse They give you nothing You owe ‘em nothing in return Ruin’s a sure thing So crack open a bottle again Drink Deep No Sleep Maybe nothing’s as it seems Maybe it’s a lucid dream Maybe you’ll wake up one day And maybe all this hell gives way Bullshit this is it You’re wide awake in a fucking state Keep walking on by yourself again Lost on your own you made the same mistakes But you find your friends over that hill With welcome arms and promise of those Holsten thrills Eyes wide and tears of joy feel alive again in their embrace Dust yourself down breathe it in not a care in the world or an ounce of despair The first time since god knows when oh man oh man got a plan a plan With love standing by your side you can do anything and go anywhere We kill the light When we’re alone But in union We illuminate
Rathaus 04:19
Yeah yer so forgiving and so benevolent, I bet yer shit smells like roses too Seen yer take away the money, watch yer hold yer hands up, pretend that they were tied but you know that ain’t true it’s not alright yer say take yer medicine, ask why we actin’ reticent, well what do yer reckon take a wild guess not just the way I’m feeling, yeah cuz it’s you who’s cheapening this with the way yer act it’s not alright yer try not to take it so personally but it is what it is it affects you and me got this disconnect growing, all this blaming yer see, depends whose lies do yer want to believe do yer feel it
Pink Roses 01:47
I’ve got a question you don’t have to answer yet You can think about it But what you see is what you get so don’t forget I’m just another person looking to score Why’s it matter who I want to love? Why you choose to judge I never know Are you unhappy or scared or hurt? I’m not the cause I’m just another lost soul But I choose love You see me standing alone on the train Why do you think it’s ok to touch? What makes it ok to act this way? The answer’s nothing: no ifs, no buts It’s not a matter of no means no More a case of only yes means yes Are you unhappy or scared or hurt? I’m not the cause I’m just another lost soul But I choose love If you give me a shake My petals might fall But if you make that mistake If you grab me I’ll make you bleed I’m not a thorn in your side I’m not here to hurt you All I see is a beautiful world And I’m not your enemy
Sud Ripper 01:38
I just got in Can’t wait for a good night’s kip My phone starts to ring You’re on the other end You want to go for a drink You got the midweek blues and the cure is booze You’re going to drag me out You’re dragging me out Well I have to admit I don’t need that much convincing Maybe one or two beers Just one or two beers Now it’s getting late Some good chat while we’ve been knocking them back My mind gave me the slip It gave me the slip I’ll feel this in the morning Never heed my own warning It’s yesterday played out again I guess tomorrow’s another day First let’s head back to mine A few shorts and put the world to rights Have you got any smokes? Maybe a little toke Now my head’s in a fog It’s light soon, it’s going to be a slog But I don’t do regrets I don’t do regrets I’ll feel this in the morning Never heed my own warning It’s yesterday played out again I guess tomorrow’s another day
Springer 02:21
I been where you are now with the negative head Nothing much that you can do to put yer mind to rest Have to tell myself I’m not looking back I’m gonna live in the now That’s when I realise it’s nothing at all When you say all the stuff that you said when we were walking about Is when I get the feeling that I don’t wanna fall ‘Cause I been down, don’t wanna go there again You remember what it’s like, the negative head You got no space, you can’t breathe, the walls closing in Have to tell myself I’m not looking back This is how I wanna live, I wanna live in the now
I was there standing round when it happened but I just closed my eyes, did yer hear about it, yer must have heard about it, everyone was talking so loud I been actin’ so tough, I been pretending that I am just fine but what I saw what I heard what I felt, don’t like it that much, is a stupid game, leaves me feeling rough Shut my eyes and start thinking, I zone in I zone out, am I now a straight thug another cog is it a stretching of time Gold top I drink it down, all my mistakes, be what yer not, I drink it all the way, to forget, to leave it drifting All the way down I don’t wanna become the scum What if I already am


Workin’ Man Noise Unit finally return with their second album proper ‘It’s Not Nothin’, the eagerly awaited follow up to ‘Play Loud’ which was released in 2015 to great acclaim ...

‘Play Loud is packed with no-nonsense meat-feast riffs accompanied by a swirling background breeze. ‘Yeah, I Was Hypnotized’ hints towards a potential knack for Torche-esque poppiness before it audaciously decelerates to a sludgier wallow. That the band’s rowdy dual vocals start to remind you of Fugazi, which only sweetens the whole damn deal’ (The Quietus)

“We must celebrate this most punctual of albums which hits a nerve left abandoned for too long. It’s sheer veracity is a blast of fresh air and places itself as a prime piece of rock and roll from these shores. We need bands like this, they show us that it doesn’t have to be all humdrum seriousness” (Artrocker)

“Reading's own noiseniks, Workin' Man Noise Unit infuse the whole fucking thing with a love of Albini, Jesus Lizard, and Fugazi. They are agitated from start to finish as they pour their entire bodily fluids into new long-player, the aptly titled Play Loud. This is agitated, cathartic rock played at a nihilistic intensity” (Soundblab)

“As the band has progressed, they’ve been edging into an area that is more of the 70’s riff-rock vein but dressed up with a larger amount of distortion/noise, kind reminiscent to stuff like Torche, Fu Manchu, Kyuss, and Karp. If that’s your cup of tea, then Workin’ Man Noise Unit will likely be of interest as they are certainly capable of hanging in there with the more prominent bands of the genre and their mantra of “play loud” ends up being more than just for show” (Built On A Weak Spot)

About the band ...

Hello. Our crummy band is called WORKIN' MAN NOISE UNIT. Apostrophe, no G. (Yeah, all the good names were taken, OK) From Reading, UK. We are drums, noise, bass, guitar, vocals, sound, energy, bad jokes, the smell of stale beer on sticky floors. Hit a few chords, see how it sounds. Live, tonight, not sold out.

WORKIN’ MAN NOISE UNIT started in 2010. Since then we’ve played on stages the size of a postage stamp and smaller than that too. And the back rooms of pubs and clubs and restaurants and record stores and pizza establishments and stinking practice rooms. In arts centres and galleries and warehouses and member-run community spaces. In dank basements, a flat in a shopping centre, an old bank vault, a crypt, a bicycle shop. Etc. Plus a few respectable venues accidentally allowed us in to make a racket along the way too.

And we’re still doing it because making music with your mates is fucking ace, isn’t it?

It’s been a good ride so far. We’ve heard great music and met great people. Can no longer hold a conversation in a loud room because of screaming tinnitus but it’s probably been worth it. Pardon?

Our new record is called IT’S NOT NOTHIN’ and it has 11 songs and it’s out on the top notch Riot Season Records. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Wayne Adams at BearBitesHorse. We reckon he even managed to make us sound half-decent, despite our best efforts. Have a listen to it if you fancy.

And then we’re getting back in a van loaded full of half-broken amps and weighed down by LPs and it all carries on. Dreaming of hot meals and bladder control. The motorway again. Set lists written on the back of old flyers and wetherspoons receipts. Snyder’s hot buffalo wing pretzel pieces, a.k.a. gold medals, washed down with buckfast. And how nice are chips? Well nice.

Come see us play our new songs, say hi.

Sat 27 October - South St Arts Centre, Reading w/ Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Fri 16 November - The Square Centre, Nottingham w/ Grey Hairs

Sat 17 November - Brave Exhibitions Festival @ The Cluny, Newcastle Upon Tyne w/ Terminal Cheesecake, ILL, Lower Slaughter, Bilge Pump + loads more greats

Sun 18 November - The Wagon and Horses, Birmingham

Fri 7 December – Album Launch Party @ South St Arts Centre w/ Typical Hunks

Sat 8 December - Album Launch Party @ Shacklewell Arms w/ Luminous Bodies, Typical Hunks - FREE ENTRY

Sun 9 December - Pipeline, Brighton


released November 23, 2018


all rights reserved



Riot Season Records UK

Riot Season is a UK independent record label based in the Black Country region of England.

More here: www.riotseason.com

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